Roger Allen Plafkin • Haile Sandra Zuppke Plafkin 


My father and I have been excavating

our family history.

Shovels and trowels came out in 2011,

as we began reflecting together on a

history of chaos involving the Kent

County Courts.

The immediate catalyst for sifting

dirt: adoption fraud, involving Vista

Del Mar (Los Angeles), Catholic

Charities (Portland), and Bethany

Christian Services (Grand Rapids).

This fraud related, oddly, to my


Grand Rapids Bolt & Nut Co. Inc., A Division of Plafkin Brothers

Originally, I suspected that business problems stemmed from civil rights complaints against my former rabbinical school. I started filing FTC complaints to organize the issues and obstacles.

Along the way, I began to understand that rabbinical school problems were more deeply rooted in theft of family assets facilitated by the Kent County Courts as of 1968, involving the State’s largest corporation, Steelcase, and its families: Idema, Wege, and Hunting.

Based on recent discovery of a Prudential Life Insurance policy no. 2865‐4702 taken out for me in 1962 (when I was nine months old), I had to reassess the start date of family problems, as well as the more troubling nature of these problems.

By 1962 my parents were in a business partnership with my grandparents, George Plafkin and Celia Ginsberg Plafkin, and my great aunt and uncle, Oscar Plafkin and Virginia Richmond Plafkin.

Plafkin Brothers was founded in 1936, originally called Intercity Bottle Company.

Grand Rapids Bolt and Nut Co., Inc. was a division of Plafkin Brothers. My grandmother Celia was a galvanizing force for the business, especially during WWII, and until her premature death in 1964.

The Prudential Blueprint

The Prudential policy was written by family member Alex Dolinka and involves my father and brothers, Jeff, Ron, and Phil.

Though we were living at 2150 Buttrick Ada, Michigan, the policy uses the address of 500 Highland, a property taken away from my parents by the Courts. My mother was the only family member not insured by Prudential, but her name shows in the policy as having “other insurance”.

The policy can be read like a blueprint, or bloody animal entrails used by the haruspex to divine the future.

This future would unfold as chaos and destruction under the command of Judge Roman J. Snow. Snow attended to court proceedings for an auto crash which occurred when I was five years old.

I now see this Court action as the center of a sandwich.

Circuit Court proceedings for dissolution of assets and Probate Court proceedings for illegal guardianships are the two pieces of bread concealing the crash, which speaks to the full dimensions of crimes against our family.

Jewish Veneer: For Anti-Semitic Home Furnishings

Through my entire childhood and beyond, I was told that our problems were initiated by family members. I believed this for decades.

Court documents tell a different story, about Jewish family members and Jewish community leaders being used to cover over actions designed and implemented by Christian Judges on behalf of Christian families.

Judges were Roman J. Snow, A. Dale Stoppels, Richard Loughrin, John. H. Vander Wal, and John Milanowski.

I was also told that our problem was the “Kent County Court”.

Evaluation of documents, however, shows that fraudulent guardianships in Kent County are only part of the story; more broadly, this story is about the State of Michigan’s dismantling a Jewish family in cooperation with Federal agencies.

U.S. Department of Defense • Ford Motor Co • World Bank

The Federal agency leading this maneuver would be the Department of Defense, under the leadership of Robert S. McNamara, who was president of the Ford Motor Company from 1960-1961 before serving as Defense Secretary from 1961 to 1968.

McNamara left his position as Defense Secretary to run the World Bank from September 1968 to sometime in 1981: thirteen years which pretty much line up with illegal guardianship activities outlined on the “Properties” page of this URL.

McNamara’s strategy would be carried through in his new role with the World Bank, and with assistance from subsequent Defense Secretaries, including 12th Secretary of Defense James Schlesinger, who would hand off the baton to the murderous Donald Rumsfeld.

Schlesinger’s parents were Jewish.

Other Federal agencies used to implement McNamara’s strategy include the Veterans’ Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Social Security Administration, the Department of Education, the Department of Justice, and the Department of Agriculture.

So contrary to the stories I was told, this is not about the county, not about a single state, and not about a self-destructing family, this is about the United States Government -- with members of the international financial community -- mercilessly dismantling a family of Jewish immigrants in the midwest, in the shadow of the Holocaust.

A Little Help From the White House

Cooperation at the national level lines up with the fact that Gerald R. Ford became Vice President of the United States in 1973, in the midst of drama his own law firm executed.

Within the context of anti-Semitic dismantle, theft of assets takes a back seat to physical harm and premature death for Jewish and non-Jewish persons touched during the course of events.

It is within this larger context that I ask new questions about the death of Celia Plafkin’s brother, Isaac Ginsberg, who reportedly committed suicide in 1956.

This was prior to my birth and eight years after David Ben-Gurion declared a national homeland and Jewish State in Eretz Israel.

The Lutheran Problem

At the same time David Ben-Gurion had declared a national home for the Jews, Adolf Eichmann had fled Germany. Eichmann was a Lutheran.

He first went to Italy, and then arrived in Argentina in 1952 under false identity and fake passport issued by the International Red Cross. While in Argentina, Eichmann reportedly worked for a water agency.

In 1960, Mossad operatives captured Eichmann in Argentina and smuggled him to Israel to face trial for crimes against humanity. His trial ran from April 11th to December 15th, 1961, when he was convicted and sentenced to to die by hanging.

I was born on January 24, 1962, as Eichmann appealed what was to become his fate on May 31, 1962.

Four months later, Prudential Insurance Policy no. 2865‐4702 was taken out in my name, involving all members of my family, related to subsequent policies with Zurich, Aegon, and Mass Mutual.


Insurance fraud relates to the auto crash involving me and my brothers, as well as the Castor family.

Following the crash, and before being illegally taken from my parents’ custody through fraudulent guardianships, I was molested by a man now employed as a judge at the U.S. Department of Justice, William Van Wyke.

Van Wyke works today with judges related to Roman J. Snow, in the Immigration Section of the DOJ, a connection that will return us full circle to our adoption home study in Portland, which included an international component, replete with new passports.


Discovery and updates are ongoing. Here are sections used to organize materials:


Assets Stolen: Properties

Court Registers: No. 9621, M-2059, No. 10058, Oh Oh, No. 14406

Family Trees: Max, Plafkin, Roger & Sandra, Rubinstein

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